Brake Maintenance & Repair

It goes without saying that brakes are a vital safety component to you and your passengers as well as others that share the same roads as you. Automobile braking systems are engineered to deliver precise movements to slow or stop your vehicle on demand. When you apply the brake pedal, the master cylinder generates pressure through hydraulic brake lines triggering brake pads or shoes to press against discs and/or drums that slow and stop your vehicle. The friction and heat generated wears down brake shoes, pads, calipers, rotors and other brake components. Keeping your brakes in good working order should be left to the experienced technicians at Clingan Tires.


A few possible signs your vehicle's brakes may need repaired or replaced:

  • High-pitched squealing or grinding when depressing the brake pedal
  • Steering wheel pull when braking
  • A spongy feel or longer-than-usual depression necessary to slow down or stop
  • Brake warning lights are activated on your dashboard

Brake Inspection

Brakes employ friction to bring your vehicle to a complete stop. Substantial amounts of heat are created during the process that wears down your brake components over time. It's extremely important to have your brake system inspected routinely to ensure proper operation for your safety. Brake types include drum and disc brakes. Drum brakes contain brake shoes, drums, wheel cylinders, springs, and self-adjusters. Disc brakes contain brake pads, rotors, calipers, and hydraulic components. Your parking brake assembly is responsible for keeping your vehicle from rolling once parked is contained in either a drum or rotor. All brake components, including the brake pedal and brake fluids are to be checked during a routine brake inspection service.

Brake Rotor Maintenance and/or Replacement

Brake rotors and brake pads are the two most renown items in your vehicle's braking system. The rotors are iron discs mounted to your wheel hubs which are gripped by brake pads or shoes encased in a caliper system. Slots or circular holes may be found on your brake pads or on the rotors themselves which are incorporated to circulate air to cool the brake system providing more effective braking while extending rotor longevity.

Disc Brake Repair

Most modern-day vehicles are equipped with disc brakes in both the front and rear. Disc brake systems are comprised of brake pads, calipers, rotors, and hydraulic components. Calipers squeeze brake pads against rotors to slow or bring the vehicle to a stop in disc brake assemblies. Ventilation holes or slots may be present on the rotors in order to help dissipate heat and cool the brake system. Although brake pads and rotors require the most maintenance, any portion of the disc brake assembly may need attention from time-to-time. Have your brakes checked routinely.

Drum Brake Repair

Certain vehicles are manufactured with rear drum brakes in place of rear disc brakes. Drum brake assemblies consist of brake drums, shoes, wheel cylinders, springs and self-adjusters. Brake shoes rest against the "drum" until the brakes are pressed sending brake fluid through the wheel cylinders against the brake shoes which squeeze against the drum and creates stopping power. Upon release of the brake pedal, the springs return the brake shoes back to their starting position. This self-adjusting system helps keep the brake shoes in position when the brakes are not applied. As the brake shoes wear, a self-adjuster compensates for the gap by moving the brake shoe closer to the brake drum.

Parking Brake Repair

A parking brake's sole function is to keep your vehicle stationary when parked, especially when parked on steeper grades. Parking brakes are typically synonymous with "emergency brakes" since their use can be for sudden stops to prevent accidents and operate mutually exclusive of the main braking system. A parking brake check should be part of any routine brake inspection.

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