Lube, Oil & Filter Change

Nothing can minimize repair expenses and prolong the life of your vehicle like routine, scheduled lube, oil and filter maintenance. Motor oil lubricates all of the moving parts of your vehicle’s engine to reduce the amount of stress on the engine caused by friction and heat. Even though the primary purpose of oil is to lubricate your vehicle's engine, it also acts as a cooling agent as it makes it way through the engine and absorbs other harmful particles resulting from combustion which are dumped in the oil filter. Your oil filter does just that sifting out larger debris and contaminants to keep your motor oil cleaner, longer.


A few possible signs your vehicle may require a lube, oil and filter service:

  • It's been at least three months since your last service
  • You've driven over 3,000 miles since your last service
  • Oil leaks are present on the surface where you park your vehicle overnight
  • Your vehicle's oil change indicator light, or the equivalent, is on
  • You're planning a long trip

Lube, Oil & Filter Change

Motor oil, filter and lube maintenance is very important for keeping your engine functioning properly. As you drive your vehicle, your motor oil becomes saturated with contaminants and other debris. These deposits can lead to significant wear-and-tear and if left untreated, may damage your vehicle's engine. Over-saturated oil that has been overworked loses its viscosity--the slippery lubrication power--that keeps moving parts working smoothly. Routine oil, filter and lube services will keep your engine running stronger longer.


Don't let aged, broke-down oil and dirty filters harm your vehicle. Trust Team Clingan to change your oil filter, drain the gritty, broke-down oil, and replace it with clean oil to keep your engine operating seamlessly. Our professionals will also lubricate the chassis and the internal framework that binds your car together. Changing your oil per manufacturer specifications will keep your engine running optimally at all times.

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