Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the aggregation of your ongoing efforts to protect your vehicle against potential damage that could lead to costly repairs later. Leave it to Clingan: By following scheduled routine service intervals, our team will let you know of potential problems before they arise to improve the reliability, durability, and resale value of your vehicle. Our preventative maintenance programs are designed with analytic data gathered and based on your driving habits. Criteria we take into consideration includes commute distance, stop-and-go traffic, cargo loads, on and off road travels and suggested manufacturer maintenance.

Air Filter Replacement

Air flows into your engine’s intake manifold where it mixes with fuel to power your vehicle. Outside air must pass through your vehicle's engine air filter to prevent dirt, bugs, and other debris from entering the engine and causing damage. Dirty air filters can decrease fuel economy.

Spring Check-up

A spring check-up prepares your vehicle for the heat of the ensuing summer months. Multiple components are reviewed for efficiency. Your starter and charging system including the battery which just came out of the harsh winter months may be tested and checked for corrosion; snow tires are swapped for summer treads; belts and hoses need to be looked over to ensure they are properly attached and not worn beyond tolerance; shocks and struts need inspected; all fluids need topped off; other manufacturer recommendations are also performed. Semi-annual check-ups will save you money in the long run. Get yours scheduled with Clingan Tires.

Winter Check-up

Clingan Tires recommends winterizing your vehicles in preparation for the cold season. Engine coolant should be changed to keep liquids from freezing; your starter and charging system should be inspected including your battery which works the hardest in low temperatures; wiper blades should be changed if due; tires should be properly inflated; all fluids should be topped off; snow tires should be installed. Let Clingan Tires get you ready for the harsh winter conditions.

Wiper Blade Replacement

As insignificant as they may seem, wiper blades are responsible for helping drivers maintain visibility in less-than-ideal driving conditions. Sudden downpours and snowstorms can make driving a difficult task for even the best drivers by hindering their visibility. All vehicles are equipped with front wiper blades and some such as large SUVs have rear wiper blades, as well. Wiper blades need changed regularly as they are constantly exposed to the elements since they are unprotected on the exterior of your vehicle. Let Clingan Tires check them for you. You can than us later.

Mileage Check-up Services

Every vehicle manufacturer deviates slightly in their recommended maintenance schedules. Clingan Tires technicians are experienced and follow an internal plan for mileage check-up inspections without overlooking your manufacturer's specifications. Our routine mileage safety inspections and preventative maintenance are one of the top reasons your vehicles are always ready to perform and one of the many reasons you keep coming back to us for all of your service needs. If you're not in our customer database yet, give us a call, and we'll give you friendly reminders when a service comes due.

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