Starter, Charging System & Batteries

Your vehicle’s starting and charging system regulates multiple electrical processes to not only start your vehicle's engine but to keep it running. A battery, starter motor and solenoid start your engine launching internal combustion, while your alternator and voltage regulator keep the system charging by routing energy through all electronic equipment.


Possible signs your vehicle's starting and/or charging systems may need repair:

  • Slow cranking or unresponsive engine when turning the ignition switch
  • Dim headlights
  • Your vehicle won't start or requires jump starting

Alternator Replacement

Your vehicle's alternator along with the voltage regulator and battery keeps your vehicle operable once all electrical components are running. The alternator is often driven by a serpentine belt where mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy used to power other parts of your vehicle. One of its vital function is to keep a continuous flow of energy to your vehicle's battery which handle's the initial crank necessary to start your vehicle. When an alternator malfunctions, your battery will cease to charge and your vehicle will stop running soon thereafter.

Battery Replacement

Your vehicle's battery sends an electric current your starter as is the most fundamental part of your charging system. Your battery also supplies a steady current to other electrical components including your stereo, on-board entertainment systems and interior lights, even when your vehicle is not running. Because of the properties of electricity, if, and when, a vehicle acts a little out of character, your battery should be on the list of suspects. Trust the team at Clingan Tires to keep your battery in good-working order!

Starter Replacement

Your starter consists of a motor that supplies electricity from the battery and ultimately powers your engine. When turning the key in the ignition, an electrical impulse is sent to your starter solenoid from your battery which kicks things off and gets your engine purring. There are various types of starters, but regardless of the type, it plays a vital role in getting everything going.

Starter & Charging System Check-up

Your vehicle's starter and charging systems are responsible for starting your engine and for keeping it running by sending electricity to the various components involved. Starter systems are made up of an ignition switch, starter, and flywheel and utilize energy from the battery's electrical storage to generate the initial spark needed to power your vehicle's engine.


Your vehicles charging system includes a battery, alternator, and voltage regulator which feed off of one another to keep things going. Your battery sends electricity to your starter; your alternator powers all electrical components by generating a continuous flow of electricity; your voltage regulator ensures that the right amount of electrical current is distributed to all electrical components.

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