Steering & Suspension Systems

It's because of your vehicle's steering and suspension systems that your travels are comfortable without skimping on performance. The core function of your steering and suspension systems is to help drivers remain in control of their vehicles regardless of the conditions they may encounter. Your suspension takes kinetic energy from bumps and other inconsistencies in the road and distributes it throughout the frame and body of your vehicle to reduce the shock felt by passengers. Coil springs, struts and shock absorbers lessen the impact and wear out over time.


Possible signs your vehicle's starting and/or charging systems may need repair:

  • Shaky, unsteady and stiff steering
  • Vehicle pulls to one side when driving on flat, smooth roads
  • Excess bouncing occurs when traveling over uneven surfaces
  • Uneven wear-and-tear on your vehicle's tires is present
  • Recently experienced a sudden jolt or shake when hitting a pothole or curb

Ball-Joint Replacement

Ideally, your vehicle's suspension system should maintain continuous contact with the contours of the road. Ball joints are ball-and-socket assemblies located between the control arm and the steering knuckle. Ball joints pivot between the wheels and the rest of your vehicle's suspension. They allow for tolerances in two planes at once providing the necessary ease of rotation in those planes. They can also move up or down while the wheels turn left or right. Vehicles equipped with shocks have upper and lower ball joints; those equipped with struts have only lower ball joints. All ball-joint assemblies are subject to wear-and-tear and will need replaced at some point.

Lift Kit & Leveling Kit Installations

Nothing looks better than a lifted truck or SUV showcasing beefy tires except a sport truck riding low to the ground! Our technicians install only the best lift kits and leveling kits to give you the eye-appeal you're looking for without sacrificing on performance. Whether you plan to hit the trails or take charge of the next street race, Clingan Tires is here to help with custom lift and leveling kit installation and maintenance.

Tie-Rod Replacements

Your vehicle is equipped with inner and outer tie rods which link your vehicle’s steering system to the steering arm which is connected to your steering wheel. As you steer, the steering arm moves the front wheels through the steering system by way of inner and outer tie rods. If your tie-rods fail, your ability to steer would be compromised.

Shock / Strut Replacements

Shock absorbers and struts are are part of your vehicle's suspension that helps keep your tires in contact with the road. They are designed to reduce the impact of road force and absorb the rebound of springs and other suspension components. They also minimize sway, sudden brake dive and acceleration squat. More sophisticated designs are velocity-sensitive which lead to increased resistance with increased speed. The function of shocks and struts is essentially the same but mount to your vehicle differently to help stabilize your vehicle giving you and your passengers the comfortable ride possible.

Sway Bar Link Replacement

Opposite sides of your vehicle are connected by a stabilizer bar called a sway bar. Your sway bar controls the amount of “body roll” you and your passengers experience by distributing the weight of your vehicle to both sides of the suspension. On curves and turns, your sway bar limits body roll by transferring weight to the outside wheels. Your sway bar also doubles its efforts by helping maintain continuous contact with the road surface by compressing the suspension components located on the inside of your vehicle's wheels. Sway bar links brace the suspension to the sway bar and transfer the force of motion from the wheels to the axles as needed.

Suspension Inspection

The role of your vehicle’s suspension is to provide structural support while maintaining a comfortable ride, regardless of road conditions, keeping your vehicle firmly planted to the ground while compensating for bumps, potholes and turns. Even during normal usage, coil springs, shocks and struts, tie-rods, ball joints, and sway bar links breakdown and begin to malfunction reducing the driver's ability to control the vehicle. Let the experts at Clingan Tires perform routine suspension inspections to keep you aware of impending issues before they become more serious.

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