Tire Services

Tires are the only thing between your vehicle and the road and are often overlooked maintenance items. Tires are essential to driving, steering and braking as they absorb everything encountered on the surface of the road as you travel. Your vehicle's performance, economy and comfort are partly determined by your tires. As the name implies, Clingan Tires knows tires better than anything else we do including tire rotations, balances, alignments tire pressure monitoring sensor repair and replacement. Our professionals are here to help every step of the way by giving advice, measuring treads, anticipating seasonal conditions, helping to decipher sidewall codes and identifiers, and especially, in choosing the right set of wheels and tires for your vehicle to help you maximize the value of your ownership. We work on private-use passenger cars, SUVs Trucks, RVs, commercial vehicles including 18-wheelers and heavy equipment.


A few possible signs your vehicle's tires may require service and/or replacement:

  • You are often having to add air to your vehicle's tires
  • Uneven tread wear is present
  • Cracking is present along the sidewall or between the treads
  • You've had multiple flat repairs as a result of objects on the road
  • Discomfort experienced from vibrations when driving
  • Rust or corrosion is present on the wheels of your vehicle

Computerized Wheel Balancing

Computerized wheel balancers are precision machines used to locate and correct weight distribution evenly throughout your wheels and tires. Wheels and tires are seldom perfectly balanced from the manufacturer and gradually become imbalanced with normal use. Imbalanced wheels and tires can be annoying and could potentially cause more serious damage if left unattended. Our professionals are knowledgeable in computerized wheel and tire balancing and can you back on the road fast.

Nitrogen Inflation

As traditional, compressed air expands, molecules escape which will likely lead to low tire pressure at some point. Improperly inflated tires reduces fuel efficiency increasing your carbon footprint. This air mixture also contains oxygen which is reactive with hydrogen and other gases leading to the possible formation of water droplets which will collect within your tires resulting in corrosion.


The benefits of nitrogen-filled tires are clear. Let the pros at Clingan Tires swap-out traditional, compressed air with nitrogen instead.

Tire Purchase & Tire Installation

Not only has Clingan Tires has been setting the pace since 1959, but we've also been setting the standard since 1959! We know tires better than anyone and have access to nearly any brand, make and model known to man. In the rare instances when we don't have exactly what you need or are looking for, our warehouse and affiliates have hundreds of thousands of tires accessible to us at any moment which can be on our doorstep in a couple of days, if not overnight. Whether you're hauling heavy cargo or simply driving back-and-forth to work, our team of professionals will help you match the perfect tires to your specific needs. Plus, we provide FREE Tire Rotations on tires we retail to help you keep your new tires' manufacturer's warranty intact. It just doesn't get better than that! Visit Clingan Tires for all-things-tires and more!

Tire Repair

Nails, glass, any sharp-edged or pointed debris, and even curbs can puncture or damage your tires. In some instances, your flat tire may be repaired by an experienced tire professional through various methods including patching or plugging. Driving on a flat tire is not advised as the rim coming in such close contact with the road surface will likely damage the sidewalls and treads of your tire and may even damage the wheel or rim itself. We suggest pulling over as soon as possible and using your spare until you can get your vehicle to your nearest Clingan Tires Repair Facility for service.

Tire Retread

Clingan Tires vows to get you back on the road quickly and affordably with high-quality, commercial-grade retread tires. We pair the best computerized tire retread technology with highly-skilled and knowledgeable personnel to get the job done in 72 hours or less! Our professionals resurface tires for all kinds of vehicles: private-use automobiles, SUVs, RVs and commercials vehicles including over-the-road trucks. Our environmentally-friendly retread tires offer a reliable and economical alternative to buying new tires. Ask about retread tires today!

Tire Rotation

Since your vehicle's tires don't each encounter equal amounts of stress based on their position on your vehicle, tire rotation services are recommended in order to change the location of your vehicle’s tires in order to distribute tread wear more evenly across each tire thereby prolonging the life of your tires. The rotation pattern may vary depending on the type, tread and other variables of your vehicle and/or tires. If your vehicle is equipped with a fill-size matching spare tire, it may be placed in the rotation, as well. Tire rotation services are often performed as routine maintenance and in conjunction with oil, lube and filter services to minimize your time spent having your vehicle is worked on in our shop.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Inspections & Repairs

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) have quickly become the standard in more modern vehicles as under-inflated tires minimize performance, economy and the safety of you and your passengers. Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems work by transmitting data signals to your vehicle's on-board computer which alerts you when one or more of your tire pressures need adjustment. By having properly inflated tires, your ability to maneuver and brake are maximized as is your fuel economy. Decreases in tread wear also save you money over time. Trust the TPMS Specialists at Clingan Tires to repair, replace, reprogram and recalibrate your Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors.

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