Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle inspections serve a variety of purposes aimed at keeping you and other travelers safe while minimizing the carbon footprint you leave behind by your vehicle. Some states require safety and emissions inspections in order to obtain tags for your vehicle. Insurance companies may require safety inspections after an accident repair has been conducted or before you are allowed to purchase insurance to double-check the integrity of the vehicle meets or exceeds their standards. The Department of Transportation (DOT) and other federal agencies mandate certain guidelines which we incorporate as part of our inspection procedure as we are a properly-licensed and approved facility for DOT Inspections. Our number one priority is to ensure your vehicle is well-maintained and fit for use for highway travel. We will provide you with a full checklist of our inspection after the service is complete.

Emissions Inspections

Vehicle inspection requirements vary from one state to the next but all focus on safety and carbon footprints. Emissions inspections are designed to help minimize air pollution by ensuring your exhaust system including your catalytic converter or equivalent systems are operating as they should. Failure to pass emissions testing could result in fines depending on the governing body.

Insurance Inspections

With the ability to purchase insurance online coupled with the increases in insurance fraud, your insurance company may require an insurance inspection from you before they will insure your vehicles. Insurance inspections have proven to be a reasonable aid in helping automobile insurance companies control their costs and maintain competitive rates. These types of requests typically only occur when purchasing a new or pre-owned automobile or when switching insurance carriers. Insurance inspections basically accomplish two things: 1) determine if any physical damage exists, and 2) ensure the insurance company that the vehicle actually exists with the appropriate credentials.

Safety Inspections

Vehicle safety inspections are set forth by the state in which you intend to tag your vehicle. Requisites vary from state to state as to when you must complete a safety inspection, but the guidelines tend to not vary much and include a brake inspections, a check for cracks in your windshield, testing of your horn operation and ensures headlines are operable as intended. The purpose of these state-mandated inspections is to ensure that your vehicle meets or exceeds the minimum standards set forth to help avoid accidents. Safety inspections performed by Clingan Tires will cover the necessary standards set forth by the State of Kansas or Oklahoma, and our technicians are approved to conduct safety inspections for the Department of Transportation.

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